Hupano Ambassador Program

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At Hupano, we have always wanted to use our designs to inspire the imagination and creative thinking of children around the world, and we are always looking to push the limits.

Hupano brand ambassadors play a key role in communicating with others.

They work hard to promote our brand through social media, word of mouth to support our programs.

Are you ready to share the love and passion of Hupano with others? we would love to hear from you!

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Hupano Ambassador's Request
$96 We're looking for active Hupano fanatics to help us share Hupano with kids around the world! Will you be the one?
  • Boys or girls aged 1-12
  • Love wearing Hupano products
  • Excited to promote Hupano to family and friends 
  • Enable to post high-quality Hupano photos on social media
Responsibilities of Hupano Ambassadors
$192 How to represent us in a way that aligns with our brand goals? We are looking for ambassadors who can provide the following services.
  • Share all promotions as requested by Hupano
  • Hupano socks website link to put on your social media profiles
  • Feedback on existing Hupano products and suggestions for new product development
  • Make social media posts wearing Hupano products at least twice a week (showing how you use them/how you share them)
Benefits of being a Hupano Ambassador
$48 We've been thinking about how to repay the ambassadors who love Hupano so much, and we finally came up with the following answers.
  • Get 30% off Hupano products
  • 5 Free Pairs of Socks to Get You Started
  • When there is a new product, we will give a pair of free socks for you to use and you need to give us feedback
  • Ambassadors will also be featured on Hupano's social media accounts and have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent to the world!

Application Process

If you want to apply to become a Hupano brand ambassador, Please email with some information about the ambassador applicant.

  • Full name

  • Age

  • Your city/Location

  • Social media account name

  • Your photo

  • A short resume about yourself

We can't wait to hear from you! Let's share Hupano with the world together!

Ambassador Program