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Make a Successful Start

Began in 2021, Hupano has completely covered children’s clothing, sleep, learning, storage, entertainment, education, and other fields, focusing on the growth of every child.

With updating the traditional stereotype of the products aged 0-10, we come up with“Let’s fun childhood”and aim to pursue the substance and functionality of the products and meet the children’s daily needs.

Why Cotton?

Cotton is the primary material of the finished products, made of a seed fiber formed by the elongation and thickening of the epidermal cells of a fertilized ovule. Mainly composed of cellulose, seed fiber is in good moisture absorption and heat resistance, feeling comfortable when it closes to skin.

Inspiration Comes From Growth


The inspiration of Hupano comes from the process of learning to draw by the founder’s son, from not holding the pen at the beginning to drawing a square slowly to a colorful circle, each painting is an oath he is about to meet future.


Failures, growth, and breakthrough are all the bases for him to meet his best in the future.


In the world of Hupano, accompanying growth and emotional interaction are the driving forces to create the products when the lines and materials are the presentations we give to the products.

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