Why Do Babies Need Socks?

Why Do Babies Need Socks?

The discussion about whether babies need socks has been raised for a long time. There is also much folklore enumerating the advantages and disadvantages concerning babies' socks. Of course, the wise will not listen to rumors. All decisions about babies should base on scientific judgments because every baby is the angel of the parents. Now that talking about scientific judgments, let’s see what the doctors say about the question we mainly focus on.

First of all, let’s see some professional surveys. The research published in the journal The Foot in 2007 indicated that compared with the free development space getting from barefoot, a long time to wear shoes would cause the change of the feet structure and functionality due to the feet having to comply to the shoe shape and suffer the space limited. The younger the babies, the higher possibility of the hurt they would get. Therefore, European and American foot doctors suggest that barefoot should be an important part of babies’ daily life.

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Then, whether it means babies do not need socks? Absolutely not! When the babies are barefoot at home, many factors deserve to be seriously considered: Will they feel cool in winter and hot in summer? Would the slippery floor make them fall? Would the sharp items or other things in the house hurt their feet? Many realistic problems exist and I don't think I need to list them one by one. That is to say, it’s necessary for babies wearing socks in appropriate condition.

When to wear socks for babies?

The temperature of the air conditioner indoors blows at 26

Wearing socks has a close relationship with temperature. For example, many people will open the air conditioner in hot summer, but if the temperature is moderate at 26℃ or 27℃, adults will not feel too cold and the babies don’t need to wear socks. If under 26℃, when babies’ feet feel cold for a long time, it would cause gastrointestinal diseases because there are many acupuncture points dispensed on the feet back.
Attention, even though wearing socks for babies, the air conditioner can not blow towards the babies or their feet straightly, nipping in the bud. Remember to buy the cozy and soft socks for babies without any threads inside in winter, such as Hupano kids socks.

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When babies wear slippers

Wearing slippers barefoot would make the feet touch the shoes directly, losing the effective protection on feet. Moreover, some shoes, especially plastic shoes, contain harmful substances to a certain extent, which would hurt the babies’ tender feet unconsciously and produce harsh friction between both with the increasingly lower limb movements that even abrading the heel.


Then the babies’ feet in injury absolutely can not wear slippers barefoot as it compounds the wound with rubbing. Take care of whether the size of shoes is suitable for babies’ feet, do not choose the wrong ones, caring the babies from the details.


The newborn and premature can not be barefoot

The thermoregulation function of newborns and premature infants is not fully developed, whilst their heat production is insufficient, resulting in the body surface temperature being easy to emit.


Therefore, we need to keep them warm carefully. Besides, if the babies we talk about above are in a weak constitution, they also accord with the standard of babies wearing socks.

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What are the benefits of wearing socks for babies

1. Help regulate body temperature

Babies have to adjust to the change in environmental temperature depending on their adjustments once they are born. However, during this period, the functions of the body temperature center of newborns are not fully consummated, thus the functionality regulating the body temperature by the center is worse, leading to the unsteady body temperature. The SAT (subcutaneous adipose tissue) of babies is thin to cause the lower temperature because of the excessive heat dissipation.


If paying no attention to keeping warm in winter, the body temperature would fall and the whole body feels cold, causing the cold damage, even getting the scleredema due to the hardening of SAT. The seriousness of the problems should pass from mouth to mouth, illustrating that the importance of wearing socks for babies comprehends without being told. 


2. Protect babies’ tender feet from hurting

Babies always like laying flatly on the ground to crawl, walk, play, move, etc. Babies around 1-year-old start to learn to walk. Under this situation, babies’ feet would possibly approach any bumpy surface and dangerous items. The babies would inevitably step on the toys and then walk on rough surfaces for a few feet.

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Just need a pair of socks can mostly solve these problems. Wearing socks can notably decrease the possibility of being hurt by surrounding items as well as prevent babies from falling on the slippery floor as they dash, dance, and prance.


3. Prevent the feet from mosquitoes biting and a peculiar smell

The mosquitoes in summer are a nerve-wracking thing for parents. Taking the hot weather into account, parents do not want to wear socks for babies because of afraid of sweating and sweltering. This way would oppositely cause the babies’ feet to bite by the mosquito that could spread bacteria and viruses in the blood. In this situation, wearing socks is of importance.


Thus, parents should choose loose, thin, and elastic socks to make babies’ feet burden-free and cool with moisture-wicking while perspiring, which can content all of these at Hupano. If wearing socks in the long-term, it is better to wash babies' feet to keep the skin clean and avoid fungus proliferating in feet, leading to some diseases like beriberi. We also have to take precautions for the babies who are allergic to some materials of socks, highly valuing the local skin itching symptoms and observing as well as dealing with them in time. 

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Written at the end

With a crisp cry, the family is poured into new strength. Everyone is green hand as a parent without undergoing the examination. Parents are growing the same as babies. What we can do is to deliver the experience to you, offering a solid foundation for the one, whether new or mature parents. As long as you need it, Hupano can provide the best condition for your little one. 


Hupano products are made of premium cotton, safe and carefree. The materials are soft and comfortable, and the cut and sew techniques are excellent, protecting the feet meanwhile bringing babies the best wearing experience. Additionally, Hupano offers you rich patterns from the animals to fruits patterns, the plain to creative color matching, and the lace trim to bow decor. Now, choose your favorite types.

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