What should be in the diaper bag when taking the baby out?

Diaper bags are usually pretty consistent from mom to mom. You may find some extra diapers, a pack of wipes, a pack of cookies that are all crumbs now, stray paper for appointments, receipts, etc., a little book or toy your baby likes, a pacifier, and There are some other odds and ends. Usually, you should throw in some seasonal items to make sure you have prepared when the weather changes and your kids are out.

Extra water bottles and straws

If your baby is old enough to drink from a straw, you can keep an extra disposable water bottle if your family uses them, or fill up a standard reusable water bottle so your baby can use a straw to drink. Then you don't have to worry about leaking sippy cups or bottles.

Heat-resistant Snacks/Insulated Lunch Boxes

Your baby may have gotten rid of the applesauce bag or banana when it's cool outside, but these treats don't hold up well in warmer temperatures. Stock them up on heat-resistant snacks or insulated lunch boxes where you can store fruits, vegetables, dairy (healthy chocolate), and other snacks or beverages that need to stay cooling.


After a long winter, when the sun comes out, you may be eager to get outside. Even if it's still a little cool, the sun can still damage your skin and your child's, so keep some sunscreen in your diaper bag on those sunny days.

Baby hat

If your baby can stand it, keep a cute little hat in your bag to better protect them from the bright sun and protect their eyes. A hat is probably the best way to wear it on your baby's head.

Swimming diaper

Many malls have splash pads, and on sunny days, packed with kids having fun. If you only have a swim diaper on hand, your baby won't have to sit outside and play.

Child-friendly insecticide

Another often-forgotten item is pesticides, especially in spring when there is a lot of rain, water accumulation, and mosquitoes will buzz. Of course, keep yourself and your baby safe from bug bites by putting a small bottle of repellent in your diaper bag, separate from your food.

First aid kit

Playing outdoors in warm weather often means falling and defaulting, especially on a baby's lap that's just walking or crawling. Get any basic first aid supplies, such as disinfectant spray or wipes and Band-Aids.

Handwashing supplies

Playing outside usually means getting dirty. It's ok. But keeping some disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer handy can help you enjoy these wonderful spring days without getting sick. Wipe down those dirty park swings and clean those baby fingers that pull weeds to keep them clean and sterile.

Portable Picnic Blanket

A lot of moms are dying to hang out over spring break, so you might not always find a spot on a crowded park bench or a chair in a crowded pool. When you need to squat on the ground, consider a portable picnic blanket or even just a lightweight baby blanket.

Empty grocery bag

Your diaper bag may already have an extra change of clothes to prevent bursts and leaks when the possibility of mud and water currents gets into the picture. You may want to carry some empty grocery bags with you to keep them inside until you want to wash them.

Let us know if you think anything is missing!

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