What are high quality cotton socks?

Introduction of cotton

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber growing in the boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the mallow family Malvaceae. Many people will pursue "pure cotton" fabric when buying clothes. Thousands of years ago, people had started to use cotton to make textiles. The earliest clothes of human ancestors were gained directly from the fur and animal skins of animals' bodies.

Nearly five thousand years ago, the people in the Indian subcontinent firstly found cotton fiber could be used to spin. But almost the same time, the Peru area in North America, far away from India, also found the same function of cotton. Thus, according to the archaeology data, we can say that cotton originated from the Indian subcontinent or Peru. Throughout history, human beings have never stopped the exploration of cotton. Nowadays, cotton is the natural fiber cloth most widely used in clothes, and cotton fiber is considered the king of fibers.

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Cotton products have a lot of excellent characteristics. 

  • Comfort-- the surface of cotton wouldn't stimulate the human body; skin-friendly and soft.
  • Hydrophilicity-- cotton has a natural affinity with water, which can timely absorb the sweat perspired by the body.
  • The moisture can freely pass through the cotton-- it's helpful for the evaporation of sweat and the cooling of the body surface temperature 
  • Good conductivity for heat-- cotton can emit heat to keep a comfortable sleep temperature.

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What is high quality cotton? 

The length of the fiber in processing yarn accounts a key role in high quality cotton. When we refer high quality cotton, it has to mention staple cotton. Cotton is thought to be the better quality cotton for it can spin thinner yarns that can be spun softer, smoother, firmer and glossier textiles. Moreover, in the spinning process, the fibers are twisted together, among which the longer fibers provide more contact points.

How to identify the cotton socks?

☛Use a cigarette lighter to fire the thread of the socks; if cotton socks, it will leave lime; if is not, it will be pilling with a smell similar to fire the plastics.

☛Particles: the antiskid particles on the back of the socks are legal, of high quality, and distinct, while the fake is unclear and not flat. 

 ☛Color: Produced by formal factories and use Shilin or vibrant color free of harm to the human body. Thus, the color is very comfortable and suitable.

 ☛Touching: the touching of pure cotton textiles feels plump and thick; cotton socks will be more comfortable and soft compared with the same thickness fabric. 

In addition, high quality cotton is of high color fastness and good effect on dyeing, not easy to fade. The planting, growth, machining working and dyeing processes are all environmentally friendly.


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 Why do babies need high quality cotton socks?

Now that cotton occupy such significant status in the component of socks, not to mention its importance to babies' socks. When money allows, most people will choose high quality socks or big brands for offering the best substance needs for babies; if not allowed? Cotton socks are born to solve this problem. Long long ago, cotton socks have been the essential product among 80% of families, notably meeting the needs of cotton socks for the middle class and below families, promptly promoting cotton's vast production and consumption. 

Babies are naturally delicate to get comprehensive care. Cotton socks characterized by softness as well as strength are gifted functions of preventing babies' s feet from slipping and blisters without compromising on comfort, allowing them to crawl enjoyable. How to choose high quality cotton socks? Let me tell you:

✱ Soft socks: babies' feet without ankles and with short calf are different from adults. Choosing soft and smooth socks are burden-free for their feet, at the same time, attention whether any extra thread inside the socks to prevent it twines the toes.

✱ Elastic cuff: wider cuff is much better to fix babies' legs without squeezing legs, preventing the socks from being too tight to leave marks or even blocking blood circulation.

✱ Buy a larger one: give extra room for babies' feet to grow, and the socks are not easy to be broken by pressing when babies' fast growth. In this way, you don't need to buy socks frequently.

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Why are hupano socks high quality cotton socks? 


As referred above, staple cotton can be spun into thinner and firmer yarns because of its longer fiber length. The tenser the yarns, the more wear-resistant once the textiles are finished. Hupano socks all use high quality staple cotton as raw material to guarantee the softness, firmness, and luster. 


Hupano devotes itself to giving every child the most comfortable childhood. Besides weaving as tightly as possible to spin thin yarns to guarantee the firmness and durability of the socks, we start from kids' comfort by adopting a seamless suture way, protecting kids' feet against painful rubbed toes with seamless socks. On the other part, because the pressure the heel and toe of the socks areas undertake is much more than other parts, we mainly highlight the importance of strengthening the rub-resistant and firmness of kid's socks, optimizing using experience and every detail.


 Hupano kid’s socks are dyed environmentally friendly, decreasing the pollution to the environment to a considerable extent. Furthermore, color fastness is a vital quality standard for dyed textiles. Our non-toxic and high quality dyestuff put a solid foundation on the safety of products as well as the convincing colorfastness, allowing parents to buy without worrying.


Starting from the natural feeling and thoughts of every kid. The design of Hupano kids socks fixes feet shape, making kids comfortable meanwhile not easy to slip for crawling, walking, and running without hesitation. Besides different sizes of socks, We intimately provide no heel socks without size design for kids so that they can have the most suitable socks.

You can find all types you want at Hupano, from animal and fruit patterns, stripe and color block design, lace and hollow out, bow trim, and twist decorative patterns to the simple plain socks. We consider every kid unique and always stand the design idea alike, offering various styles of socks for all.

Now, choose high quality cotton socks and buy care for your child.

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