How to Fold Your Socks-A Useful Guideline for You

How to Fold Your Socks-A Useful Guideline for You

How to Fold Your Socks-A Useful Guideline for You


Whether you usually encounter a situation the same as mine that can not find the things you need to use. You can't find the books when you want to read as well as the snacks want to eat and clothes want to wear, or even can't find two matching socks.

kids socks 

The capacity of the room is limited. Random placement of stacked items will not only make the room crowded but also increase the difficulty of finding things due to the disorder placement. Especially when you have kids, there are too many items in the room. Therefore, only timely cleaning and storage can keep the room neat and orderly. The change can start with the storage of socks.


How to fold the socks?


The most important step in storing socks is folding socks. Only folding every pair of socks can avoid the awkward situation of only finding a single sock.


Here are some kinds of practical ways to fold the socks:

1.The Single-Fold Method

The easiest and time-saving method


Lay both socks on the flat surface with one sock over the other; then grab the cuff of both socks to fold in half to make the cuffs on the top of the toes.


2.The roll method

The method is easy and able to prevent the socks from being stretched bigger.


Lay both socks on the flat surface with one sock over the other, then roll the socks from the toes up.


3.The military method

This method not only saves space but makes the socks stay tightly.


Lay both socks on the flat surface with one sock over the other; then roll the socks from the toes up to the cuffs, turn out the cuff, and tuck in any extra pieces sticking out, and then you'll have a nice tight roll.


4.The square method

This method can make the storage very organized and clear at a glance, which is easy to find the socks.


Firstly, Lay both socks in a cross shape, flip the bottom sock' toe up on the top of the shape, and then tuck it on the other side.


Secondly, fold the cuff of the bottom sock.

Fold over the other sock in the same way. Now you can get a square where the cuff of two socks sticks out.


Thirdly, grab the first cuff to fold it over and tuck it into the pocket. Then flip the whole over to tuck the rest cuff into the other pocket.


5.The fold and tuck method

This method is convenient and organized.


Lay both socks overlapping on the flat surface with the heel facing up and fold the cuff ends over halfway. Then oppositely fold the toe ends to the cuffs ends and tuck the toes into the top cuffs.


Besides the folding ways, it is also a key point of how to plan the storage place. In the first place, you should place the kids socks and regular socks separately, which makes it easy to find socks for kids and socks for adults. It is a good idea to divide the storage area according to the sock lengths is a great way; for example, classifying the socks into knee-high socks, calf socks, and ankle socks can make the storage regular and convenient for finding the socks. In addition, referring to the seasons to classify the different thicknesses of socks is helpful to make it more standardized.


If learning the methods below, the storage would not be complex, and then say goodbye to the situation of being unable to find the socks.




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