How to Choose Socks for Kids?

How to Choose Socks for Kids?

What socks are best for kids?

No matter the diet, articles for daily use, or the clothes next to the skin, we all have high requirements for safety. As one of the close-fitting clothes, socks are also significant for kids. Parents should choose the best socks for kids.

cotton socks for kids

So, what socks are best for kids?

Firstly, the material as an essential part of safety should be considered a priority. In view of many excellent characteristics of cotton products, for example, skin-friendly and soft, high hydrophilic, excellent thermal conductivity, and so on. Kids socks should be made from high-quality cotton. Thus, What Is High Quality Cotton Socks? Socks made of long-staple cotton with high color fastness, environmental-friendly production, and exquisite craftsmanship can be regarded as high-quality cotton socks.

How do kids socks sizes work?

In addition, it’s vital to choose the sock sizes. The unsuitable socks, whether too large or too small, are uncomfortable for kids when wearing. Furthermore, kids’ feet are still developing so the smaller socks will influence the development of kids’ feet while the larger one is easy to slip to fall off. Only suitable socks can play a protective role in kids.

how do kids socks size workMeasuring the length of kid feet is the vital foundation for selecting the correct sock size. But how do you finish it to get the correct data? There is the detailed course below: 

  1. Prepare a ruler, a pen, and a piece of paper (not too smaller)
  2. Put the kid’s foot flat on the paper, step on the ground and remark the widest point on the left and right, the longest in the front and behind with the pen.
  3. The connection line of the four points is the correct width and length of the foot. Remember to measure the maximum on both feet.
  4. Then you can get the perfect size of the foot.


Measuring by the way above can get the accurate sizes of the feet to choose the socks really suitable for kids. What’s more, Hupano offers no heel design socks for kids, helping parents choose proper socks when it’s inconvenient to measure kids’ foot length.

Hupano seamless socks

On the other part, craftsmanship can notably affect the quality and comfort of the socks, which should be paid more attention to when choosing kids’ socks. Kids’ skin is tender and sensitive to friction, causing the discomfort also amplified by the clothes next to the skin. The obvious protrusion of kids socks will increase the friction with socks and feet to make kids uncomfortable. With this in mind, Hupano provides many types of seamless socks for kids starting from kids' wearing comfort.seamless socks for kidsWhat are seamless socks? Seamless socks point to the socks without seam or invisible seam or that nearly can not feel the seam. The seams of the socks are flat and smooth without distinct concave and convex on both sides. Hupano kids socks mostly use a suture way of a seamless connection to enhance the comfort of the socks. Particularly, Hupano kids socks mainly feature high wear resistance and firmness because of spun yarns that are often used to weave tightly.

When choosing socks for kids, it should not only take material and craftsmanship into consideration but select the appropriate sizes. Hupano cares about every kid, starting from details and producing the best quality socks, meanwhile offering different designs and types for selection. Now, choose the most suitable socks for kids.

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