How Do Kids Sock Sizes Work?

Since the baby was born, as a mother, you have to deal with her essential things and trivial matters, always busy as a bee. You tried your best to take care of her and go through the mother and baby websites to learn professional knowledge. That is the current situation for new parents.
I have seen many parents confused about the sock size and whether it is better to choose the larger or the suitable one, even not knowing how to measure the length of a kid's feet. It can be understood some of the size charts look so complicated and even divided into different countries, resulting in parents having no patience to choose. Actually, each pair of sock need a size guide.

No heel knit socks for kids

Then how do kids sock sizes work?

Like the other positions in our body, the feet play an essential part in standing and moving all day. Parents all try to choose the best and most comfortable shoes for kids but ignore the socks in a fundamental role to protect the feet directly. 
Many parents have no idea about sock sizes for kids. If you buy the smaller socks, it could influence the development of kids who also wear uncomfortable. The kids sock sizes have scientific evidence, and its role is to give you clear information about the socks and define the range of the ages. You can compare your kid's information with the chart and select a perfect option.
Before that, it is necessary to know clearly how every brand's sock size works as different brands may have different kids sock sizes and check the socks materials, which is an important reason to find the perfect fix for the socks. How do kids sock sizes work

How to measure the kids sock sizes?

Measuring the length of kid feet is the vital foundation to select the correct sock size. But how do you finish it to get the correct data? There is the detailed course below:

  1. Prepare a ruler, a pen, and a piece of paper (not too smaller)
  1. Put the kid's foot flat on the paper, step on the ground and remark the widest point on the left and right, the longest in the front and behind with the pen.
  1. The connection line of the four points is the correct width and length of the foot. Remember to measure the maximum on both feet.
  1. Then you can get the perfect size of the foot.

No matter the inches or centimetres, you can get the exact length of their foot. In the same way, you can measure the length of their shoes or other small items in this way. 

Hupano kids sock size chart:Hupano kids sock size chart

What are no heel socks?

Before knowing the no heel socks, you would better know the structure of socks first. The socks are composed of a sock cuff, stocking calf, and sock toe of three parts, among which the sock toe includes sock heel, sock back, sock pack, and sock head.

The role of the sock cuff is to keep the edge of socks not to slipping off and fix tightly on the legs. The specifications of socks are indicated by socks size. But the sock size is with the exact length size of the sock back as a standard, so knowing your feet length can choose to buy the fitting socks. However, owing to the different designs and materials, it is also different in the collections.Structure of kids socks

Just as no heel socks, featuring heel-less straight design without the exact length of the socks back, it gives a fault tolerance to the length of a kid's foot, allowing for enough space for the foot to grow, durable and practical. Meanwhile, its shape decides the convenience to fold over, such as roll-up, folding in a square, or any shape. Moreover, no heel socks can wear in double sides, giving full use of the socks, which is different from the general socks worn by one side.
I believe you would applaud Hupano for the characteristic unworried about the choice of sock size. It is shown distinct age division in the size chart, and you only need to choose the appropriate age area, then it a finish on the choice of size socks, which is faster two times than other brands. 

No heel knit socks

Hupano no heel socks with premium materials are ultra-comfortable, maximizing the airflow and breathability, bringing your kids a wonderful experience. Cable knit design makes the appearance memorable and brief, equally considering reinforced stress zones' features to increase their lives. We cater to anyone who wants to develop a close relationship for socks with us, offering unmatched kids' socks for you.  
That's not only a pair of socks, but tender care for kids to enjoy mother-like safe protection, touching their skin and pamper their health by wearing the most fitted no heel socks. It's commonly said that girls are parents' little coats. Mesh hollow breathable no heel socks which belong to the princess are your optimal choice for your kids. Buy now.

No heel knit socks for kids

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