Do you really understand the importance of socks?

Socks are so inconspicuous in everyone's life, but they are indispensable. How much do you know about the matching and cleaning of socks? Today I will share a little knowledge about socks.

The role of socks

As the saying goes, "cold starts from under the feet". The feet are the farthest away from the heart, the blood supply is less than any part of the body, and the blood circulation is the slowest. In addition, the fat layer on the surface of the feet is very thin and the heat preservation performance is poor.

Therefore, keeping the feet warm is directly related to the body's health.

Needless to say the cold winter. Even in an air-conditioned room in the sweltering summer, don’t forget to put on a pair of socks to take care of your feet at night.

Socks washing common sense

  1. Socks should not be washed together with underwear to avoid cross-infection caused by athlete's foot;
  2. Add a little vinegar when washing the socks, which has the effect of deodorization and sterilization;
  3. Do not wash cotton socks with disinfectant, so as not to reduce the life of the socks;
  4. When washing socks with a washing machine, first tie up the socks with a rubber sieve to prevent the rubber bands from losing elasticity;
  5. When drying socks, remember to put the socks up and the toe down.

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