Catherine: Rick, go to Hupano and buy socks for the baby! ! !

Rick is confused, how should I choose socks

It is very important to choose the right pair of socks for your baby, and some socks may even cause harm to your baby if they are worn incorrectly.

What kind of socks to choose? The first thing to remember is that different ages and stages require different kinds of socks.

Before toddlers: At this age, the baby will only lie on the bed, roll over, and sit, and does not have the ability to stand and walk. Therefore, soft and comfortable cotton socks are the first choice.

After learning to walk: If the floor is too cold, putting on a pair of grippy non-slip socks is a good choice. When the baby is running at home, he is neither worried about freezing his feet nor slipping. (But it is not recommended to wear non-slip socks when wearing shoes)

In addition, when choosing socks, you should also pay attention to the thickness, length and fit.

Thickness: Do not wear thick socks for your baby, which is not conducive to their foot movement, and may also affect the development of the sense of touch on the soles of the feet.

Length: Try not to choose socks that are too long or too tight, because the baby's calves are fleshy and strong, and the stockings are easy to strangle the ankles or calves, affecting blood circulation.

Fit: First measure the length of your baby's feet, and then select the corresponding size of socks. Too small or too large will make your baby feel uncomfortable.

Tips: How to measure your baby's foot length

1. Let the baby stand with bare feet against the wall, with the heels close to the wall.

2. Take the longest toe as the vertex, measure the straight-line distance from the wall to this point, the measured value is the baby's net foot length.

When choosing socks, remember not to ignore the details

1. Too many threads

These socks don't! Buy!
The thread inside the socks can get caught in your baby's toes, causing poor blood circulation and eventually necrosis. So moms have to grow snacks! When you get a new sock, remember to turn it over first and cut off any excess thread inside before putting it on for your baby.

2. Tightness

Too tight socks will restrain the baby's calf or ankle, which will not only affect the baby's movement, but also easily cause poor blood circulation. Therefore, you must pay attention to the tightness of the socks when purchasing. It is best to choose a slightly wider one, so that adults can put two fingers in without feeling tight.

3. Material

The material of the socks determines the softness, breathability and comfort. The feet are more comfortable and the baby walks happier.

4. Seam mouth

Some machine-sewn socks will have a thick edge on the toe, which makes adults feel stubborn when wearing them, but don’t mention mention delicate babies. Therefore, before choosing socks, be sure to check whether the seams are flat, or consider buying smooth, boneless socks for your baby.

There are also mothers who are struggling with whether to put socks on their children when they go on bed. Seriously, there is really no need to wear socks to bed. Especially in summer, when the heat is too high, the baby may kick the quilt and catch a cold because of the high temperature.

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